Instant Risk Coverage is partnered with over 1000 municipalities, small businesses, brokers and insurance companies.

Facility Operators

We offer no cost, no admin insurance programs for municipalities, educational institutions, non for profit, and private venues, with best in class coverage at the markets best rates. 

Professional Associations

Together, we promote membership growth by offering insurance that’s designed to be easy to access, low maintenance, and affordable.

Small Businesses

Flexible insurance designed for all different types of small business at small business pricing.

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 Zero fees, launch next day

No downloading apps, fully digital experience accessible from anywhere

Users can purchases, review, and cancel insurance in minutes

Direct access policies remove unnecessary follow ups and admin work


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Instant Risk Coverage is a trademark of Instant Risk Coverage Inc. Refer to your policy for the most detailed and accurate information about your coverage and terms of insurance. Your policy, which serves as your insurance contract, will always prevail if there’s ever a conflict with the information found on this site.