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Helping Brokers keep ahead with instant automated quoting and binding.

Free Marketplace Portal

Brokers can brand and shop pre-built insurance products for their own Instant portal. 

Simplified Customer Experience 

Policy documents available in realtime

Payments collected in real time, no payable or receivables 

Monthly Pay – no financing contracts required

Custom E-Commerce Portal

Take your products online overnight, work with our team to design and build a custom E-Commerce solution allowing clients to self serve 24/7. 

Automated underwriting and payment collection

Automated accounts payable system 

Payments directly deposited  

Payments accepted in over 20 different methods

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Privacy Policy

Instant Risk Coverage is a trademark of Instant Risk Coverage Inc. Refer to your policy for the most detailed and accurate information about your coverage and terms of insurance. Your policy, which serves as your insurance contract, will always prevail if there’s ever a conflict with the information found on this site.